Star Wars Battlefront Beta- First Impressions

*Played the PS4 version of the Beta for about 2 hours.*

Star Wars: Battlefront doesn’t release until next month, but we got a taste of the action with the recently released Beta. There’s some good news and bad news about the Beta and the game itself.

The previews for this title did not lie; Star Wars Battlefront is gorgeous. All of the three currently available maps look beautiful and fully realized. They look as if they were pulled straight out of one of the films. Hoth was definitely the standout map with its gorgeous snowy landscapes and giant AT-ATs prowling the grounds.

The single-player mission offered by the Beta was the most playable. It featured waves of enemies and escape pods to defend. It was simple, but enjoyable. I imagine missions would be even more fun with a co-op partner, but I was unable to try that option. However, I do really hope that there are some more complex single-player missions available in the final game.

There were two multiplayer modes available in the Beta. Both involve activating and defending certain items whilst stopping the opposite team from doing the same. Thankfully, matchmaking, starting up each match, and re-spawning after death were all shockingly quick. Sadly, the Beta suffers from extreme lag and bugs that make multiplayer nearly unplayable. Players and objects would skip across the map at random making aiming at enemies and knowing what might kill you impossible. About half of the matches that I entered also crashed in the middle of the action. Some gameplay balancing could also be beneficial. For example, smartrockets are really fun to use and can easily kill your enemies with a homing shot, but they seem a tad unfair in the grand scheme of the game.

Despite these issues, I can tell that Battlefront will be a quality game. The weapons and controls were top notch, and it feels enjoyable shooting weapons like lasers after years of games with real-world guns. The sound design is also incredible. Every sound and musical score comes straight from the movies, and it really pumps you up for the action. However, I will say that anyone expecting a real Battlefront 3 will be sorely disappointed. This is mainly only related to the original Battlefront games only in name, so if you are a diehard fan of those games, consider the fact that this game is coming from the developers behind Battlefield.

If DICE can iron out a lot of these issues in the next two months, then we will have a great new addition to the Star Wars gaming catalog. If not, then we may get another disaster like the Battlefield 4 launch. I’m hoping for the former.

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