Strider Gameplay Video Shows Off What The Game Can Do.

Capcom-Unity  recently hosted a livestream of Strider HD- a game that is being co-developed with Double Helix that made the recent Killer Instinct game on Xbox One. The video recording below shows a weapons research area from the game and ends with a battle  against the Mecha Pon boss all of which are featured in the livestream.

Capcom has estimated that Strider HD will take 7-8 hours for players to finish the game, assuming you aren’t screwing around with sub-quests. The game is set to be a part of the coveted legendary “Metroidvania” genre in which its set in one large, interconnected map and you can go to areas with new weapons and abilities you couldn’t reach before.

Here are some notes taken by the cool cats at

  • The footage is taken from the PC build
  • Hiryu designer in this game is the art director from Strider 2
  • You can slash using your Cypher as fast as you can press your button
  • The regular Cypher can deflect enemy bullets
  • You can also switch to elemental Cyphers—Explosive and Ice
  • Explosive Cypher does burn damage over time
  • Ice Cypher freezes enemies, and you can use them as platforms
  • Some enemies require specific Cyphers to defeat
  • Your scarf changes colour depending on the Cypher you use
  • Other moves include Slide, Catapult Shot, downward strike
  • Slide does more damage than in previous games
  • Catapult Shot serves as an evasive move and platforming technique
  • Downward strike does splash damage
  • Striders Options are back—panther, eagle, Ouroboros
  • Bots require energy to use. Energy is refilled by defeating enemies


For the benefit of those who haven’t read my other Strider posts or for those who have just now sparked an interest in this game, Strider HD will be released on February 22, 2014. It’s a downloadable title only meaning it’s coming to Xbox Live through both Xbox One and 360, PC through Steam, and PlayStation Network through both PlayStations 3 and 4. As a bonus, if you get the PS3 version, you’ll be given a code to download the PsOne versions of Strider 1 & 2 and a theme as bonus content. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, for the last time, there is no Wii U version, so don’t ask about it.


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