Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition Has Been Beaten

Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition is absolute insanity. It’s a ROM hack that takes the classic Super Mario 64 and adds randomized events ranging from frustrating to simply strange. Mario can turn into a sign, become giant, fling off into bottomless pits, start levels from the beginning at random, and much more. The hack also has a tends to crash often. All of these rage-inducing additions cause most gamers to quit during the first level. The game’s creator Kaze Emanuar has even said that it wasn’t meant to be beaten and simply exists to give people a laugh, but of course, somebody has anyway.

After 27 hilarious videos (I recommend at least watching the “Best Moments” video), a YouTuber called TheRetroShowcase finally beat the game. As a sign, of course. The fact that anyone would have the patience to complete it is absolutely incredible. TheRetroShowcase deserves a gold medal for not going completely insane during his attempt. We solute you, TRS.


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