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Greninja, The 3rd evolution of Froakie the water starter from Pokemon X and Y that was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013:

08_newsmash02 08_newsmash03 08_newsmash04 08_newsmash05 08_newsmash06 08_newsmash07

08_newsmash01 08_newsmash12 08_newsmash11 08_newsmash10 08_newsmash09

Charizard, The third evolution of the fire starter, Charmander from Pokemon Red and Blue making his return but solo debut from Super Smash Bros Brawl.

08_newsmash23 08_newsmash22 08_newsmash21 08_newsmash20 08_newsmash19 08_newsmash16 08_newsmash18 08_newsmash17 08_newsmash15 08_newsmash13 08_newsmash14

Finally, Yoshi. Making it’s 3rd apperance.

08_newsmash33 08_newsmash32 08_newsmash31 08_newsmash30 08_newsmash28 08_newsmash29 08_newsmash27 08_newsmash25 08_newsmash26 08_newsmash24


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    Yoshi making his 3rd appearance?

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