Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Details Round Up

All of the details I gathered from watching the Nintendo Direct of Super Smash Bros.

Yoshi returns, plays 100% differently than the past iterations.


Little Mac has wire frame costume from the old school arcade Punch-Out game where the series first began.

Character transformations are gone, Zero Suit Samus and Shiek are their own characters.

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Lucario retains Mega Evolution from Pokemon X and Y

Megaman has the coolest Final Smash: Megaman Unite. Combines massive Mega-Buster attack of all various Megamen: Megaman X, Megaman Volnutt, Megaman.EXE and Megaman Starforce.


Click on pic.

Custom move sets for characters. Details as the game’s release looms. You can use them local and online but only against friends, not strangers.

There will be a matchmaking mode like all other fighting game or Call of Duty games.

Much more stages now replicate Final Destination because more people in the past only play on Final Destination.

The Elite Four Stage From Pokemon X and Y Is Confirmed.

The Wii U Version:

The Wii U version will only have online play akin to Brawl.

Sakurai recommends using a LAN adapter for online on Wii U

The 3DS Version:

Smash Run only on 3DS version. Platform subspace emassary like game on the 3DS version. 2-4 players dungeon like stage. 5 minutes to play, explore, fight enemies, find items to upgrade characters. After 5 minutes, the characters will go down to brawl in the normal 4-melee fight. Enemies range from all of Nintendo represented franchsies as well as fighting random Pokemon like Chandelure. Smash run might be considered unbalanced as the one with the highest stats is more likely to win.

3DS Also has online multiplayer as well. But it requires a stable internet connection

Nintendo revealed that they will be dropping the ban hammer like it’s hot. Players will be temporarly banned if:

  •  Start a match and don’t play.
  • Relentlessly target an individual player.
  • Repeatedly self-destruct.
  • Frequently drop from the match.
  • Cheat.

You can play with friends online, or choose to play in 2 other modes: For Fun and For Glory mode.

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But don’t forget the huge controversy. The 3DS version is coming out first in the summer, the Wii U vesion will come out in the winter.


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