There’s Something About Umbrella Corps-Return to Raccoon City That I…

Ok! I get it, we all love the zombie horror genre and what better way to honor it then to make yet another video game. Not just any game though, lets make one so special in fact, that no one else could possibly come again and Re-reinvent the proverbial circle. Well the good news is, Resident […]

King of Wushu – Global Impact On Consoles Will Be Imminent

Will This Be A Game Changer? Here it is, we haven’t even made it to the official release date for the biggest MOBA in Paragon to be set free on our consoles later this June 2016. Already we have another MOBA which threatens to break open and take the console gaming market by storm. If […]

Watch Dogs to Run in 900p for PS4 and 792p on Xbox One

After a lot of confusion and misinformation about the resolution and frame rate of the PS4 version of Watch Dogs being in 1080p at 60fps, Ubisoft has finally confirmed the real numbers. For the Playstation 4, the resolution will be 900p while the Xbox One will be 792p. Both versions will be running at 30 […]

Watch Dogs On PS4 Confirmed 1080p. Xbox One Version Up In The Air

Here we go again. Ubisoft has spilled the beans on the resolution of the PS4 version of Watch Dogs. Just like every game before it, The PS4 has the best resolution as Ubisoft Cinematic Designer Lars Bonde confirmed in a video on YouTube (Which I don’t have access to) has confirmed that the PS4 version of […]

Assassins in high Defenition 1080p

The latest installment to the assassins creed will run in native 1080p thanks to the day one update for the new consoles. compared to the 720p that they are currently running in for 360 ,and PlayStation 3. Ubisoft says you wont be able to tell much of a difference once the update since they are […]