New Nintendo 2DS XL Hands On

The device is thinner and lighter than the New Nintendo 3DS XL The new 2DS XL is $150, versus the Switch’s $300. Games cost up to $40, versus the Switch’s $60 ceiling. Used games can be picked up everywhere. (The 2DS XL will cost AU$200 in Australia, but doesn’t yet have a UK price — […]

Azure Striker Gunvolt Finally Has English Site

Keiji Inafune’ nostalgia banking train aka Mighty No 9 is on the way. But his other nostalgia banking train in the form of Azure Striker: Gunvolt which is the spiritual successor to those abysmal Megaman Zero games will be released exclusively on the 3DS e-shop this summer. Once again it’s digital only. But, today Inti […]

Whose Rules? Pokemon X and Y’s Rules In Offical Pokemon Tournaments

Competitive gaming is a somewhat touchy subject, not as touch as piracy or franchise stagnation but it’s a subject that isn’t welcomed with the openness of arms. People often laugh at the idea of profiting from your hours of dedicated playtime. And I agree with them. I mean why should a select few of us pursue a career […]