Assassins in high Defenition 1080p

The latest installment to the assassins creed will run in native 1080p thanks to the day one update for the new consoles. compared to the 720p that they are currently running in for 360 ,and PlayStation 3. Ubisoft says you wont be able to tell much of a difference once the update since they are […]

GaminRealm Podcast Episode 4

[buzzsprout episode=’104980′ player=’true’]   USA Pre-Order Chart, 13th July 2013, Assasins Creed 4, Why the Xbox One Will Win Next Gen, Why Nintendo Should Buy Atlus, Call of Duty Ghosts Pre-orders – Xbox One vs PS4, PS4 IS Taking The Lead Buy 20%, PS4 Sells For Over $860 On eBay Someone on eBay put down […]