Shuhei Yoshida Confirms Bloodborne Expansion

I’m playing through Bloodborne right now, and I can already say that it is an excellent action RPG. Now here’s some great news for fans of the game, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Bloodborne will be getting an expansion. More info on the expansion will be coming later this year. Yoshida said this […]

Sony Will Fix Bloodborne’s Game-Breaking Bug Next Week

Bloodborne has a game-breaking bug that causes a certain crucial item called the Lunarium Key to not appear in the game’s Forbidden Woods area. The bug appears if you start a co-op game as a guest in the Forbidden Woods. Thankfully, Sony and From Software are preparing a patch labeled 1.02 to stop it. The best idea […]

PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne 1080p Screenshots Released

Sony Computer Entertainment released new screenshots of the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. The images are definitely jaw dropping and does justice to Demon’s Souls’ legacy, probably because it shares the director Hidetaka Miyazaki and part of the development team from Demon Souls. Screenshots below: by