Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have “No New Characters” and “More Realistic Gameplay”

Sony and Square Enix sent the gaming world by storm when they announced a remake of the legendary Final Fantasy VII. According to the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura, there will not be any new characters added that weren’t in the original PS1 game. However, there will be some gameplay improvements to modernize the game, whilst […]

New Sonic Boom Characters Revealed

Sega has revealed quite a number of brand new characters today for the new Sonic Boom games and television series. Fans were given information as well as concept art for these additions. While I’m sure these characters will play a relatively important role in the new series, non of them will be playable. Old Tucker […]

Mortal Kombat X to Introduce More New Characters Than Any Installment

Everybody loves discussing the character lineup when it comes to fighting games, and in a recent interview with¬†Mortal Kombat X¬†Creative Director Ed Boon on Major Nelson’s podcast, the subject was bound to come up. Ed Boon mentioned that he really wants to focus heavily on the characters this time around. He said he believes that […]

Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Not Include Trials for New Characters

The Street Fighter IV upgrade, Ultra Street Fighter IV will not include trials for any of the newly added characters at launch. Capcom has stated that fans should “stay tuned” as new information on the upgrade will surface once it is released. There will however, be trials for existing characters from the original Street Fighter […]