Controller Chaos Iron Man PS4 Controller Review

As a first time attendee of C2E2 (Chicago’s Comic & Entertainment Expo) I was looking for a piece of memorabilia that both captured the spirit of my experience and would give me practical day-to-day enjoyment. With the Controller Chaos Iron Man PS4 Controller I was able to accomplish both of those things. Simple yet elegant, […]

OnePlus’ New Teased Product Likely Related to Gaming

OnePlus has put out teaser photos for a brand new product that is very likely related to gaming. The references to games, controllers, and fun-factor are big clues. OnePlus has stated that the product is not going to be a tablet, so it may very well be a gaming controller for smartphones and tablets. You […]

Miyamoto Says New F-Zero Might Be Possible

Shigeru Miyamoto recently had an interview with Smosh, and in that interview he stated that a new F-Zero game may indeed be possible if they find the right controller interface. We see a lot of other designers who are kind of making more traditional racing-style games, so we try to focus on something that feels […]

The Xbox One Will Support Eight Controllers

Recently announced by Microsoft, the new Xbox One controller with all the new customization to it will also have a 30 ft. wireless connection and the console itself will enable up to eight controllers at one time. That sounds appealing at first, but what also needs to be taken into consideration is that in the […]

Xbox One: Microsoft Tested A Touchscreen Controller

Seems like Microsoft slowly crept up on Nintendo’s touchscreen controller idea for the Xbox One, but decided to ditch the idea early-on in development due to battery life and inconvenience. According to a Kotaku interview with  Microsoft’s head of Xbox accessories Zulfi Alam, Alam discussed the many changes the Xbox One controller has underwent while being […]