“Hardcore” Gamers Have No Idea What Depth Is In A Video Game.

Okay, before you get super pissed off. I’m not generalizing here. Okay, I know that the more rational thinking members of the gaming community know what depth is in video games and they can explain it in a drop of a hat. If you know what it is then don’t read this article, it’s not […]

Dark Souls 2 Release Date

During Namco-Bandai’s Tokyo Game Show event, Dark Souls 2 was announced to release March 11, 2014 for North America and Europe, March 14. The release dates are confirmed only for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and that the PC version will release sometime afterwords. There will also be a limited edition of the game, which […]

People Are Harder to Scare Than Before Says Shinji Mikami

According to former Resident Evil director and current Director of the upcoming The Evil Within survival horror game, Shinji Mikami, he claims that players aren’t as easy to scare as before. He recently spoke in an article to EDGE magazine: “Not much has changed when it comes to instilling terror in the player,” he said. […]