Nintendo Digital Event E3 2015 Roundup

Nintendo held their annual E3 Digital Event this morning. To put it simply, people weren’t very happy, but here’a a breakdown of what they presented: Star Fox Trailer Skylanders and Amiibo crossover Co-op Zelda 3DS game, Triforce Heroes, announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force announced Fire Emblem Fates trailer Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei game […]

Legend of Zelda Wii U Will Be Open World

At Nintendo’s Digital Event, we got our first look at the new Legend of Zelda coming to Wii U.   The visuals look really good. It was stated that they are making this installment more free than others by making it open world. There will be no more clear boundaries, entrances, or exits. The player […]

Bayonetta 2 Comes with Bayonetta 1 and Nintendo Outfits

It has been revealed in the new Bayonetta 2 trailer, that the original Bayonetta (originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360) will be included with Bayonetta 2. This gives players a chance to experience the first installment if they haven’t already. This way, they won’t be missing anything. It’s something fans have been asking for, […]