5 Great Games That Were Hated For Being Different.

Just like in real life, Discrimination is a major problem in the gaming world especially when it comes to franchises. I’ve been told this sentiment “Change is good but when you change too much, a new game becomes unrecognizable”. Which I think is a load of crock. I don’t care if a new entry plays […]

Oh, Capcom. What Are We Going To Do With You?

                      Capcom is not the bad guy everyone makes them out to be, unappeasable fanboys are partially to blame for Capcom’s woes. They have finally starting listening to fans a little late in this past generation’s cycle and just because there is no Megaman, doesn’t […]

Oh, Wow. This Aztez Game Looks Pretty Sweet!

Coming out for the PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, Aztez a huge surprise on the indie front.  I was minding my own business and then I got an email from a friend asking these questions: Are you a fan of 2D Hack/Slash Games? Yes, Do you brawler like combat […]

“Hardcore” Gamers Have No Idea What Depth Is In A Video Game.

Okay, before you get super pissed off. I’m not generalizing here. Okay, I know that the more rational thinking members of the gaming community know what depth is in video games and they can explain it in a drop of a hat. If you know what it is then don’t read this article, it’s not […]

Capcom Files Trademark for Devil May Cry. Next-Gen Game On The Horizon?

I’ve never been more cautiously optimistic in a while until today. A few days ago, Capcom filed a trademark for “Devil May Cry” which means that there might be a new game on the way. But that’s pretty much it. Nothing else about the supposed game is known. Is it even a game? What are […]

Capcom’s Sleeper Sales: Resident Evil 5 and DmC Are Still Selling To This Day

Two of Capcom’s recent maligned games hated by the fanbase because they were different (In which in any other case who be considered racism, but I digress) are still selling copies. Resident Evil 5: Capcom’s best-selling game in the company’s history since Street Fighter 2 has sold even more copies. As of December 31st, 2013 […]