Rumor: Nintendo NX survey leaked

On Twitter, a survey about the much speculated Nintendo NX was leaked.  On the screenshot it gives some very interesting information about the upcoming console. Here is screenshot of the leaked research survey. While this is not confirmed it is interesting to see that features like achievements, and 4K video streaming might be added to […]

DK: Tropical Freeze Moves 1,000 Units in Japan, Shows Why Variety is Important

It’s too early to make 100% absolute statements, but the latest Media Create sales shows that Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze has so far failed to make any significant difference in the Wii U’s sales. While the game itself has managed to sell pretty well within the first 3 days of it’s launch in Japan (over […]

New Details on Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze’s Online Features

Nintendo recently released some extra details from their official ‘Nintendo Console Gaming‘ Facebook page, on Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze’s online features. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U will feature robust online leaderboards to track all your best times running, swinging and barrel-blasting through the game’s numerous levels. You can compete with friends and […]