Dan Houser is Leaving Rockstar Games

According to the United States Securities and exchange commission, Dan Houser will be leaving Rockstar Games I just hope this doesn’t affect the release of grand theft auto 6. After an extended break beginning in the spring of 2019, Dan Houser, Vice President, Creative at Rockstar Games, will be leaving the company. Dan Houser’s last […]

Grand Theft Auto V Hipster Update

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V comes out with “I’m Not a Hipster” update today on PS3 and Xbox 360. The new items available in GTA Online through the I’m Not a Hipster update include new retro print tees, skinny jeans, hairstyles, tattoos, and animal masks. There’s also seven new vehicles, including “classic nostalgia rides” like […]

Grand Theft Auto Trio

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto trilogy is now available for Amazon’s Andriod-powered Fire TV and Kindle tablet devices. Starting this week, Android versions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 3 will both be set at ($4.99). Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will be set at ($6.99). They will be all available for […]


Two totally different games, but share surprisingly more in common than expected. Besides the shared “V” at the end of each title, Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid are very different games, or have been in the past. With the release of GTAV this past week, reviews of the game have been uploaded and […]

$800 Million for Grand Theft Auto 5

According to Take-Two, GTA5 made $800 million dollars on the first day of its release world-wide, yesterday September 17. The profit for GTA not only broke the companies and every other GTA title record, but records out of the gaming industry itself. Note, GTA5 still has yet to release in Brazil and Japan, as well […]