Cadence of Hyrule Indie Zelda Title is scheduled to release on June 20th

A little over a week has passed since we’ve gotten word that Cadence of Hyrule : Crypt of the Necrodancer was possible to release on May 30th, 2019. Well, that did NOT happen.   According to NintendoLife and most likely the same Twitter user, by the name of NWPlayer123 that reviewed the Nintendo of America source code the first time […]

Rocket League Surpasses $110 Million in Sales

Rocket League is putting up some serious numbers and is making Psyonix a ton of money, over $110 million of be exact. This is pretty impressive for what is essentially a new IP. It is even more impressive considering that it was available free through PlayStation Plus subscription during its first month; if all of those […]

GDC 2014: Over 50 Games Using Unity Are In The Pipeline For Wii U According To Nintendo.

Over at, those cool cats had an interview ( brief one) with Damon Baker, Senior Manager of Marketing at Nintendo’s of America’s Licensing Department. Here is the interview: “Over the course of this show, we have nine games on display,” Baker said. “We have 17 that are currently in the pipeline, that have been […]

Xbox One Owners Ditching Console For PlayStation 4 – Here is Why

This is not surprising in the least bit, seeing as though 90% of people only bought the Xbox One only bought to play Call of Duty Mecha Revolution aka TitanFall and now that that’s out, the console has literally no appeal whatsoever anymore at least until the next big shooter comes out for it. The […]