Rumor: Unannounced 3rd-Party Exclusive Hitting Wii U in 2014

 According to Nico Wav of French gaming website Gameblog, an unknown exclusive 3rd-party exclusive for the Wii U is currently under development and is set to hit store shelves next year. He tweeted this information on Twitter earlier today from Japan. Wav also notes that this exclusive will be “in the vein of Bayonetta 2”, but what exactly […]

Nintendo Dropped the Ball by Not Securing GTAV

Nintendo seriously missed out on a huge opportunity by not securing GTAV for the Wii U. There’s no denying that Grand Theft Auto is literally one of the most popular 3rd-party franchises in gaming history. Whenever a new mainline GTA game comes out, it sends shock-waves throughout the industry and the sales charts. Unfortunately, Nintendo fans who don’t own […]

Super Mario 3D World, WW, and DK: Tropical Freeze Dated

Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze have finally been given release dates. 3D World will be launching on November 22nd, and Tropical Freeze will be launching on December 6th, which is all pretty strange. Remember when 3D World was slated for December and TF was set for November? Seems like Nintendo switched […]

Nintendo Allowing Cross Platform Play With Mobile

Cross platform play between the Wii U and mobile devices seems to be headed our way. As if indie developers weren’t being pampered enough by Nintendo (and Sony for that matter), the company has made another move the encourages indie devs even more to bring their titles to Wii U. In an interview with the […]

Indies: Playstation & Xbox Fans Are Flip-Flopping

Indie games seems to currently be the center of heated discussions between Playstation and Xbox gamers. With the PS4 and Xbox One’s launches rapidly approaching, the [silly and immature] console war is in-effect ramping up. Obviously, the launch-window titles of the two systems are at the forefront of debates here on the net. As of […]