Unannounced Amiibo Revealed via In-Store Displays

Some interesting Amiibo news has been discovered via in-store Amiibo displays across several different retailers in the US. First, some store exclusive Amiibo: The Timmy and Tommy Nook Amiibo will be exclusive to Target and the Roy Amiibo (Fire Emblem/SSB) will be exclusive to GameStop. Next, the Japanese Famicom-styled R.O.B. Amiibo will be coming soon as […]

Nintendo Dominates Japanese Sales Charts (Aug. 12th)

Nintendo seems to have once again have dominated the Japanese sales charts for the week of August 12th. According to major Japanese retailer Tsutaya, Nintendo fills up 9 of the top 10 spots on the charts, with Dragon Crown on the PS3 being the only non-Nintendo game on the list: Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life – […]