RockSteady’s Justice League Game May Have Just Been Revealed

It would come as a surprise to no one if RockSteady‘s next big title was about DC Comic’s most triumphant band of heroes. Seeing as their latest and greatest work has been telling the story of Gotham‘s Dark Knight. While there is no confirmation of a Justice League title, an enthusiastic new hire at RockSteady […]

Ben Affleck’s Batman Costume Revealed

The long awaited picture has finally been outed on the Internet. Ben Affleck as Batman. Since his casting, we’ve all been wondering what the Zack Synder interpretation of the Dark Knight would be. Sent out via his twitter along with a pic of the Bat-mobile, Ben Affleck as Batman: It looks to me that it’s […]

Yeah, Justice League Movie Happening, But We Knew That Already.

As we all knew, DC and Warner Bros, are finally getting ready for their answer to the Avengers. The long-awaited Justice League movie is finally on its way and it’s scheduled to start filming immediately after the Man of Steel 2 or Bat-fleck or whatever the hell they are calling it. We got the confirmation […]

Batman Beyond Returns via Darwyn Cooke’s Animated Short

Last year, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Superman and now, this year, it’s Batman’s turn. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the character, DC will unveil an awesome animated short in the Batman Beyond universe in which Terry and Bruce supplied by the voice talents of Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle reprising their […]