Sony Confirms PS5 Features During Investor Report

Last month Sony surprised the gaming world when Wired released an exclusive article about Sony and the next generation of PlayStation. In the article, they talked about PS5 with some of the key features that will be included with the next-gen console. For the past month, it has garnered quite the response from the public. […]

Early Xbox One Buyers Report Console Problems

Totally not worth standing in the cold, huh? As with every console since last gen, there are massive reports on hardware failures left and right from customers who bought the Xbox One on launch. Issues range from concerning issues with disc drives, unusual sounds coming from the machine, more spontaneous system shutdowns, missing pixels, and blank or frozen screens. Others can’t get their systems […]

Xbox One Will Launch This November, Price Revealed

Microsoft shares the launch window and price of the Xbox One. Microsoft has just confirmed at their E3 2013 press conference that the Xbox One will be launching this November for a whopping $499 U.S. dollars. I feel that this is a terrible price point, as most consumers nowadays aren’t looking to pay that much […]