Mario Kart Tour Is Now Available for Smartphone Devices

I was hoping for Mario Kart 9 on the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart Tour seems promising but no multiplayer at launch. Many drivers from the Mushroom Kingdom have raced through haunted mansions, jungles and even on rainbows, but this is the first time they have driven on real world-inspired courses,ā€ said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of […]

Nintendo Q&A On The Switch Lite

With Nintendo announcing the Nintendo Switch Lite earlier this week, a Q&A was released via IGN. During this Q&A Nintendo took the time to provide consumers and fans with more details about the upcoming handheld device. We have provided the exchange below: Q: With the Switch Lite announcement, are there any changes being made to […]

Super Mario Maker 2 Wont Offer Online Play With Friends

Earlier this month, Nintendo showed off Super Mario Maker 2 and its new four player competitive mode and online co-op. Releasing June 28th, it will give players the opportunity to create stages and devise their own labyrinths of intricate detail. However, via Youtube channel GameXplain we have discovered that you will not be able to […]

Top 30 Most Downloaded Switch Games for April 2019

We in the video game community may have our own lists of what dominates the majority of Switch owners precious memory, but Nintendo has made a point to set the record straight. For the month of April 2019 these are the most downloaded titles 1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate2. Fortnite3. Cuphead4. Zelda: Breath of the […]

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Coming to 3DS on December 4th in Europe

Today Nintendo of Europe announced that Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will be coming to the 3DS on December 4th, 2015. They have also changed the name for the European release. It will be titled Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. I am super exited for this news because I doubt I will be playing […]

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Coming to America On November 20th

A few weeks ago we got a lot of info about games release dates, However we did not get the release date for Mario tennis in the US, We now have that info, it is going to be released on November 20th, The same day that Europe will get it, will you be buying this […]

Modern 8-bit Mario Amiibo will be a Timed-Exclusive to Wii U Bundle

With all of the Amiibo shenanigans going on, I thought that we pretty much have seen it all at this point. I was wrong. Nintendo is completely out-doing themselves this time by making the super cool, modern 8-bit Mario Amiibo, exclusive to the Mario Maker Deluxe set at launch. If memory serves me right, this […]

The Nintendo Leaks Will Never End- More Amiibo

Nintendo really needs to stop letting info leak out. Just saying. Anyways, Nintendo of Europe posted a picture which has revealed future amiibo figures. The photo shows an 8-bit Mario amiibo which will most likely be tied to Mario Maker. There’s also some new Animal Crossing amiibos. Maybe they’re for a currently unannounced Animal Crossing […]

Gold Mario Amiibo Completely Sold Out

I think that we were all expecting this, but Walmart’s exclusive Gold Mario Amiibo is completely sold out. This Amiibo was obviously going to be highly sought after, so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Amiibo craze just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it will probably get worse from here. While there are collectors […]