Strider’s Infamous Ouroboros Are Back With A Different Name: Option A (New Screenshots)

For hardcore fans of the old Strider games or….the entire fanbase of the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Strider is always seen using his robotic allies whether they are his robot panther and his legendary spinning robotic orbs that shoot projectiles, Ourobouros. But, in the upcoming Strider game, they have been renamed “Option A” and they […]

No More Digital Downloads for Marvel Titles

This is apparently due to expired contracts. Marvel titles from both Capcom and Activation have been taken down from PSN and  XBL . The Community Manager for Activision, Dan Amrich, posted the following Tweets: “For those asking about it: Marvel Activision titles are no longer available for digital download.  Hence the sale!” “Yes. Capcom also […]

Strider HD Hands-On Impressions: This Game is So Awesome!

I recently had the privilege of playing the newly announced Strider game at the New York Comic Con. Just to let you know, this is my first ever written impression of an unreleased game. So I’m under the impression that the way to do this, is to explain what I went through in the game […]