Two totally different games, but share surprisingly more in common than expected. Besides the shared “V” at the end of each title, Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid are very different games, or have been in the past. With the release of GTAV this past week, reviews of the game have been uploaded and […]

Will We See Hideo Kojima in MGS5?

Director of the Metal Gear Solid games, Hideo Kojima, has tweeted multiple pictures of himself in a mo-cap suit holding in several different positions that you would see a guard from MGS doing in the game. Kojima has announced to the community a while back now that the game will be making use of motion […]

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

Tomorrows the big day for Metal Gear and its fans. Since the Essential Collection released in 2008, was the last time fans were able to get a copy of MGS1, the PSX version. Tomorrow, the Legacy Collection will feature MGS1,2,3,4, plus MGS1 VR missions, MGS Peace Walker, and art work, a complete collection for the […]

MGS5: The Phantom Pain Rumors, Speculation, and ANSWERS

Anyone who has been following MGS5 since the original title, “The Phantom Pain” by Moby Dick studios knows there are so many rumors and speculation going around, and that’s basically has been the case for every new installment of the game. Now I’m going to attempt to put everything together in one article, as simplified […]

Metal Gear Solid Remake May Not Happen

Hideo Kojima tweeted recently that the rumor that he was looking for a studio to utilize the new Fox engine to recreate Metal Gear Solid 1 was a miss translation in an interview. He said that people have been asking for remakes for all the early titles of the series, but he replies, ” I […]

Metal Gear Solid V: TV Show

The most common complaint regarding the MGS series is the lengthy cutscenes, especially in MGS4 where cut scenes take up more time than the actual gameplay. Kojima and the MGS team are well aware of this and Kojima himself assured the community with this comment, “I’m sure you’re worried about if the cutscenes are as long […]

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for the Xbox One

Konami released today at E3 that the new Metal Gear Solid will be for the Xbox One. Metal Gear will also feature SmartGlass functionality, as well as an open world game with various transport vehicles and animals; horses. As well as new characters, better stealth, espionage action, real time weather and time. by

What NOT to Expect in Kojima’s Next Metal Gear Solid Trailer

Hideo Kojima is the director of the Metal Gear Solid games at Konami. Currently, Kojima is working on two MGS titles, Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero. There has been a few trailers for both titles which take place in different time periods of the over-all storyline of […]