Pokemon Masters Reveal

A new exciting Pokemon game is coming to mobile devices sometime in 2019. Pokemon Masters will introduce battles with all the past Gym Leaders, League Champions, and even Rivals! Pokemon Masters’s graphic engine seems to resemble Pokemon Showdown, an online battle simulator that allows you to utilize all Pokemon and create your team to battle […]

Pokemon Rumble Rush used Quick Attack on mobile devices

Somehow fans didn’t see this new Pokemon mobile game releasing before our very eyes. Pokemon Rumble Rush, already available in Australia and will later be available in the U.S. for Android and iOS soon. This mobile title will feature a tap beat em up system, along with weekly updated islands containing Legendary and even Mythical […]

Sony Suggests Dropping From The Portable Console Market

Not many will argue if you say that the Playstation Vita is a total failure. While some have their suspicions as to why that is, Sony has theirs too. Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, stated during EGX 2015 that he believes the failure of the PS Vita is rooted in the success […]

In Case You’re Wondering, Microsoft Has No Plans For Xbox Portable Console.

Microsoft’s new head Phil Spencer took to twitter to address the fans on a long-going subject. When is Microsoft making a portable Xbox handheld? According to Mr. Spencer, Never. Especially when Microsoft already has major portable devices on hand. When a fan on twitter yesterday asked him if Microsoft is making “a handheld Xbox One-like […]

Nintendo Recently Patented New Mobile Phone or Portable Console

On one hand Nintendo swears that they will never go mobile under any circumstances, but Iwata did recently say that he wanted Nintendo to break out into all forms of entertainment. What if it’s a portable console? All obvious signs points to another 3DS revision. Which seems unlikely as the 3DS has no problems selling. […]

The Mobile Game That Kills; Hitman Go….A Go.

Square Enix Montreal today, has released Hitman Go for the iOS today. Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy puzzle game that plays like a board game. The gameplay has an emphasis on stealth as you are take out upcoming and unsuspecting oppositions and obviously, not get caught doing it. “We wanted to make something unexpected. […]

Capcom To Invest 80 Million Into Building New R&D Building

Usually in the roller coaster story of Capcom, this would be considered bad news. But it’s up in the air what your definition of bad news is. Gamers will classify this as bad news. Capcom today has announced that they plan on using 80 Million yen (presumably) to build two new R & D buildings […]

Epic Games To Bring Unreal Engine 4 To Windows Phone, Windows RT

This is a piece of tech news for both PC gamers and Mobile phone players who use Windows, Both Windows Phones and Windows Operating System; Windows RT will be getting the Unreal Engine implemented into this via Epic Games. Yesterday, Epic Games co-founder and CEO Tim Sweeney revealed on their official fan forums that the […]

PAX EAST 2014: Check Out Pixel Noir: A 16-bit noir JRPG

Have you been asking for a JRPG that doesn’t involve whiney androgynous teenagers shoehorned into adult situations, moronic anime clichés and crap gameplay? Sign me up! YES! Today, at PAX East, A new indie title called Pixel Noir by SWDTech drew in a huge crowd at the show. The main draw of the game is that […]

Report: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in Big Trouble

How deep in it is Satoru Iwata in it right now? Apparently, the CEO and President of Nintendo is facing huge financial losses for the company. According to a Nikkei report and the translation of said report by the cool cats at Siliconera.com Iwata is facing what is said to be the “June of trials,” […]