Monster Hunter Stories Coming to 3DS in 2016

A Monster Hunter spinoff is coming to 3DS in 2016, called Monster Hunter: Stories. What is it? I have no idea to be honest but here is the trailer: There really isn’t much to say about this as there is no information about the game besides the release window. I am really curious to see […]

Capcom Sales Up 8.6% From Previous Year. Thanks, Dead Rising and Monster Hunter.

Good news all around ladies and gentlemen. Capcom has reported a net sales of 102,200 million yen ($1 billion) for the fiscal year that end on March 31st. The Japanese publisher also announced a net income of 3,444 million yen ($33.8 million), which amounts to a 15.9 percent increase year-over-year. The publisher also reported a […]

Capcom Wants To Remind You That Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Is Coming Out

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the update-ish sequel to Monster Hunter Tri, is still on its way, according to Capcom as they released a trailer today to remind everyone. The game is coming out for the 3DS to the west in 2015 while, Japan gets it’s later this year. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the result […]

Monster Hunter Series Turns 10 Today, Can Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Help Capcom?

The Monster Hunter series is the biggest and highest selling franchise in Japan today a lot like what Call of Duty over here is. The release of a new Monster Hunter game is an annual event in Japan. Each year, thousands queue up outside shops in fevered anticipating a lot like what Call of Duty […]

Wii U Reaches Landmark in Japan and Why It Doesn’t Matter

Today it has been announced that Nintendo’s struggling little white/black box of gaming aka the WiiU has surpassed the lifetime sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan. More specifically, according to Eurogamer, the Wii U has currently sold 1,643,095 units in Japan, ahead of the Xbox 360’s lifetime total of 1,641,528. It seems that somehow […]

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming To The West In Early 2015

Capcom today has announced that the update to the smash hit Monster Hunter 4 will hit the west early next year. To some of you though this won’t exactly be an update seeing as though the original Monster Hunter 4 never has and by the look of things never will come out to the west. […]

Monster Hunter 4: The Game That Saved Capcom

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet…..nah, just short. Angry fanboys are oblivious to the truth. Remember when Capcom was said to have 151 million in the bank? Remember when the news started a boom of YouTube videos and gaming forums covering the subject? You remember when every single one of said media all […]

Capcom is Apparently Working on a New Fighting Game After All

Well, as it stands now,  it’s only in the planning stages. Meaning that they have no engine, no characters, no graphics, etc. to show and on top of that, the platform on which this future fighting game will be played on is currently undecided so it literally can be for anything ranging from Xbox 360- […]