YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z Fights With Two-Headed Zombie Babies: SOLD!

Yesterday, a new trailer for YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z was released and it shows off the game’s combat: So, we get to fight Ginat Mechs, Two-Headed Baby Zombies and use their parts as weapons and an epic boss fight with Ryu Hayabusa? YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z will be released in North America on March 18th and […]

Ninja Gaiden IV Or Whatever Is Coming…..Eventually

Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi brings up the fact that Ninja Gaiden fans appear a bit apprehensive of Yaiba, and aren’t fully convinced it’s a game they’ll enjoy. Hayashi then goes on to say that Yaiba is meant to offer a different take on the series, while Team Ninja work on the next game. It seems […]

Before The Release Of His Game, Mighty No. 9 Makes His Gaming Debut in Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Mighty No. 9 is Comcept’s new robotic hero whose upcoming game is coming to nearly every home gaming platform. Mighty No. 9 is the result of Keji Inafune and Kickstarter. It has been idiotically named as the game that will put Capcom out of business or the game that will make everyone at Capcom feel dumb for […]