Do we need a Nintendo 64 Classic

Some of our most favorite franchises started on the Nintendo 64, and some have had their best moments on this console. Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye, Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Brothers and Donkey Kong 64 were just to name a few of the Nintendo 64’s best titles. Playstation had released their classic console that has several games […]

5 Games That Need a Remaster

While it’s no surprise that a episodic remaster of Final Fantasy VII is being done from the ground up, the exact date of its release is still being speculated. I truly feel that there are many games that should also get the full remaster treatment that Final Fantasy VII is getting. Due to a large […]

Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition Has Been Beaten

Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition is absolute insanity. It’s a ROM hack that takes the classic Super Mario 64 and adds randomized events ranging from frustrating to simply strange. Mario can turn into a sign, become giant, fling off into bottomless pits, start levels from the beginning at random, and much more. The hack also […]

Super Smash Con Announced

Today, VGBootCamp released a trailer announcing the very first Super Smash Bros. convention titled, Super Smash Con! Super Smash Con is scheduled for August 6-9 at Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA. This convention is set to be “more than just a tournament” and will feature vendors, events, raffles, live music, and panels. Tournaments will be […]

HD Super Mario 64 Fan Remake on the Way

Fans of the beloved classic, Super Mario 64, have begun working on an HD remake set to be released on PC.     This is a non profit project and will be featuring multiplayer! “We haven’t decided completely [on whether multiplayer will be co-op], and to be honest, I think it is something that we […]