PlayStation Vita Slim Model Release Date Offically Announced.

The PlayStation Vita Slim model aka the 2000 model has been out since last year but that was in Japan. Earlier in the year, the Europeans got it on Feburary. But now since it’s announcement a few months back, gamers have been speculating and wondering when the US would get it’s chance to purchase the […]

Finally! New PlayStation Vita Slim Come to North America.

Arg! Finally! Sony revealed that the new PS Vita Model — the so-called “Slim” design — will be coming to North America this spring. Not too long ago, the Vita Slim was released in the UK a week ago and Japan longer than that. There are a few issues about this news for instance, There […]

Sony To Release PS Vita Slim To The UK Next Week: What About US?

In a shocking move that came to a surprise to absolutely no one, Sony has announced that the revision to their struggling handheld, The PlayStation Vita Slim will be released to the UK a week from today. Now, for the benefit of the uninformed you might wonder what’s the difference as I say if you […]