“R.I.P” PSN, Thanks Destiny

Even though the title seems as a bit of “click-bait”, I honestly believe there might be some serious issues for PSN to deal with the launch of “Destiny”. As most of you know the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft was released recently on the PlayStation Store. After the game went live, PSN began experiencing a […]

PS Plus Members Getting 20 Hour Battlefield 4 Trial

Tomorrow on PSN, Playstation Plus members will be given a free 20 hour trial for Battlefield 4. This trial will not include any of the expansions. 20 hours is more than enough time for players to get a good idea of the game, and decide if they like it if they haven’t had a chance to […]

All PS4 Games to Get Pre-Load Option After Destiny

Sony has just confirmed that all games that come out after Destiny will receive a pre-load option. This means that any Playstation 4 game you pre-order can be pre-downloaded from the PSN. Watch Dogs was rumored to be the first game to have this feature, but it seems that is not the case. It will […]

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Decapre’s Alternate Costume Revealed.

Quick news for Ultra Street Fighter 4. Everyone’s favorite new character: Decapre has been showed by Capcom to have her alternate costume to be alongside the other characters in the game. Just like the other characters, these costumes are designed by Udon and you can see Decapre is wearing locks, chains and belts. I wonder […]

Strider’s Infamous Ouroboros Are Back With A Different Name: Option A (New Screenshots)

For hardcore fans of the old Strider games or….the entire fanbase of the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Strider is always seen using his robotic allies whether they are his robot panther and his legendary spinning robotic orbs that shoot projectiles, Ourobouros. But, in the upcoming Strider game, they have been renamed “Option A” and they […]

New Strider Info: Tong Pooh and Her Sisters Are Back

Just like with every Megaman game, the staple baddy who comes back is here in the new Strider game: Strider’s seemingly un-killable arch nemesis, Grandmaster Melo is in the new Strider but, he isn’t the only fan-favorite coming back. Tong Pooh and her sisters make their return in the new Strider HD game. The martial arts triplets were in […]