Google’s Twitch Purchase Confirmed

Back in May, word was floating around that Google would be acquiring Twitch for $1 billion. Not much information was given at the time, as the deal was still in the very early stages. It wasn’t even clear if the deal was an actual thing that would happen. As it turns out, the deal is […]

Wii U Purchasing Intent Increased 50 % After E3

A recent survey of 1000 people has shown good news for Nintendo. These people were commissioned by IHS in partnership with Gamer Network. The survey showed that people’s intent on buying a Wii U increased by 50 % after Nintendo’s  great E3 this year. Nintendo also has a survey open to the public. This survey […]

Capcom Potentially Up for Sale

Capcom shareholders have officially decided to end their takeover defense that was set up back in 2008. It was designed to prevent anyone else from purchasing a majority of Capcom’s stock. After a recent shareholders meeting, it was decided that this defense will not be renewed. This means that any company could potentially buy it. […]

Youtube to Buy Twitch for $1Billion

Google (more specifically Youtube) has reportedly bought the video game streaming site Twitch for $1 billion. Variety has reported the purchase and states that an official announcement will be made soon. It is still not yet official, as the purchase is still pending. I personally find this news a bit unsettling. When Google bought Youtube, […]

Xbox One Sold Out at Best Buy

Best Buy is not currently accepting anymore pre-order purchases for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Saying that their stock of Xbox One’s have ‘dibs’ on it by someone. However, Best Buy still is accepting pre-orders for Sony’s PS4. If you were looking to pre-order the new Xbox, you can still get them at retailers such as, GameStop, […]