Rare Replay Will Not Release on Wii U

Due to the fact that Minecraft, a game owned entirely by Microsoft, will be coming to the Wii U soon, gamers have begun asking if Rare Replay will have any chance at also releasing on Wii U due to Rare’s roots with Nintendo. Microsoft finally gave answer by stating: “We have no information of any […]

Rare Amiibo to be Restocked at Select Retailers

Today, Nintendo of America has confirmed that Shulk, Little Mac, Lucario, Captain Falcon, and Fox amiibo would be restocked at select retailers on it’s social media pages. “Look who’s back! Little Mac, Greninja, Shulk, Lucario, Fox & Captain Falcon will be restocked @ select retailers soon” -Nintendo of America on Twitter With these being some […]

(Rumor) Did King K. Rool Win the Smash Bros. Ballot?

Rumors have surfaced through twitter that the classic Donkey Kong Country villain King K. Rool may have gotten the most votes on the Super Smash Bros. Ballot. This is due to the fact that Nintendo has suddenly trademarked K. Rool’s character. Fans are now guessing that King K. Rool will appear in Smash Bros. as […]

Yooka-Laylee Reaches $1 Million on Kickstarter in Record Time

Yooka-Laylee, a game that has just went up on Kickstar last Friday, managed to hit $1 million in just  few hours. This is extremely impressive considering that this is the fastest a game has reached $1 million on kickstarter. While it is impressive, developer Playtonic has some history behind it. Playtonic, while independant, is not […]

Phil Harrison Calls Rare’s Next Game a ‘Career Highlight’

More and more positive things are being said about Rare’s next, mysterious project. We’ve already heard from an ex-Rare developer that the studio’s next game is one to get excited about, but now we also have some good news from former head of Xbox Europe, Phil Harrison. He’s recently been working closely with developers at […]

Rare’s Next Game is Going to Make Fans ‘Really Happy’

The classic game developer Rare doesn’t seem to be the giver of great games like it used to be, but Microsoft and Rare have been claiming recently that their next game will be “uniquely Rare” and bring back the missing quality. Playtonic, a new studio made up of Rare veterans, has their own spiritual successor to […]

Conker Returns in Project Spark

At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, we got a little surprise from an old friend. T That’s right, Conker from Conker’s Bad Fur Day showed up at the end of the Project Spark trailer. Project Spark is a game where players can create their own games, share them with others, and play games created by people […]

Layoffs Hit Rare Due to Poor Sales

Following the underwhelming sales of Kinect Sports Rivals, Microsoft’s first party studio Rare was hit with 16 layoffs. 150 people worked on the game, so this layoff isn’t too huge, but it’s still a loss. Xbox made the following statement on the matter: “At Xbox, our goal is to constantly create new fun, social and […]