‘Ryo Hazuki’ Available to Download Now in Sonic Transformed!

Fan favorite, ‘Ryo Hazuki’ from Shenmue is now available to download on Steam for $1.59! Unfortunately, yet again it is not available to console owners, but PC players will finally get to play as this highly requested character. Yes, he’s a returning character from the previous Sonic Racing title, but at least he’s someone fans […]

SEGA Teases Ryo Hazuki for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Earlier today, SEGA shared this image on their social media that confirmed that fan-favorite, Ryo Hazuki from the Shemue series, will be added to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed! This was a highly requested character from SEGA fans, and fan’s of the previous game so it’s nice to see we’re getting an additional characters that […]