Miyamoto Says New F-Zero Might Be Possible

Shigeru Miyamoto recently had an interview with Smosh, and in that interview he stated that a new F-Zero game may indeed be possible if they find the right controller interface. We see a lot of other designers who are kind of making more traditional racing-style games, so we try to focus on something that feels […]

Miyamoto Debuts Pikmin Short Films

At the Tokyo International Film Festival, Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled his first series of short films. Pikmin Short Movie was announced last month and takes place in the same universe as Miyamoto’s game series. It consists of three parts: “The Night Juicer,” “Treasure in a Bottle” and “Occupational Hazards”. Production of these short films began around the […]

Shigeru Miyamoto Working on Pikmin Short Film

Shigeru Miyamoto is working on his first ever animated film and it’s to be set in the Pikmin universe. According to Kotaku, the short film will be titled, Pikmin Short Movie and will make its debut at Tokyo International Film Festival next month. The movie will be split into three different episodes: “Midnight Juice,” “The […]

Miyamoto States Nintendo No Longer Needs to Focus on Casuals

In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto claimed he no longer thinks Nintendo needs to focus on the non-gamer audience, and can now bring their attention back to the hardcore gamers. “(These are) the sort of people who, for example, might want to watch a movie. They might want to go to Disneyland,” […]

Miyamoto: Nintendo Doesn’t Know What “Cool” Is

In a recent interview with Los Angeles Times, Shigeru Miyamoto explained that Nintendo doesn’t worry about being cool, nor do they worry about what their competition is doing. “Nintendo isn’t one simple element of an overall gaming industry,” he stated. “I really think there needs to be a Nintendo genre, that’s almost its own entity.” […]

Shigeru Miyamoto’s Two New IPs

At Nintendo’s Treehouse, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed two new IPs in the works for Wii U. The first, was titled, Project Giant Robot, which I’m sure is a tentative title. This game puts players inside a giant robot to control it as it fights other robots in the city all from the cockpit. The torso of […]