Shin’en: “There are No Hurdles at All” For Indies on Wii U

Pretendo recently landed an interview with the critically acclaimed Nintendo-centric indie developer Shin’en. In the interview, Manfred Linzner of Shin’en Games has given another tidbit of information regarding Nintendo’s indie policies on their 3DS and Wii U eShops, and it sounds like things are a walk-in-the-park for indies on Wii U. Q: Although you haven’t developed on an […]

Fast Racing Neo For Wii U Will Feature 4k-8k Textures

Shin’en, the small Nintendo-friendly indie developer from Europe continues to impress us all. On Twitter, Shin’en confirmed that Fast Racing Neo, their latest game releasing Spring of next year will actually feature 4-to-8k resolution textures, creating some “hyper-realistic” graphics. Now of course, the Wii U doesn’t actually support 4K output, but this doesn’t mean you won’t […]

Shin’en Working On 2nd-Generation Wii U Engine

Shin’en, the creators of Nano Assault, FAST Racing League, and the Art of Balance series, are reportedly preparing their 2nd-generation engine for the Wii U. This information has surfaced via Twitter when Shin’en replied to an inquiry I made about the reveal of their two mystery games: @ShinenGames Shin’en, huge fan of you guys here. […]