Fans Try to Figure Out Sonic Boom Update

In case you didn’t think the infamous, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, didn’t have any more surprises left in store, think again. That’s right. Miraculously, Sega and Big Red Button couldn’t even manage to do a patch correctly. European players recently received a 1GB patch that was supposedly supposed to fix some of the bugs in […]

Sonic Boom: The Sonic Cycle Continues

Sonic fans and gamers alike all know the drill by now: a new Sonic game is announced, the game looks promising, hope arises within the community, the game comes out, and it bombs. This has been going on for years now, and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is no exception. In fact, it may even […]

New Sonic Boom Characters Revealed

Sega has revealed quite a number of brand new characters today for the new Sonic Boom games and television series. Fans were given information as well as concept art for these additions. While I’m sure these characters will play a relatively important role in the new series, non of them will be playable. Old Tucker […]

Archie Publishing Sonic Boom Comic Book Series

It has been announced today that Archie Comics will be publishing a comic book series based on the Sonic Boom universe. This series will be written by Ian Flynn and illustrated by Evan Stanley. The 1st issue will have four different varying covers that align if they are put together. It looks like we’ll be […]

Sonic Boom New Character Confirmed

A brand new character has been announced for the upcoming Sonic game, Sonic Boom. Her name is Sticks and she is “a wild animal”. She lived in the wilderness before she met up with Sonic and his crew, so she’s a tad bit strange. She also ends up becoming very good friends with Amy. You […]