Amazon Acquires Double Helix…But Nothing Changes

Amazon, yesterday had acquired growing publisher Double Helix Games. The publisher has made a big splash in recent months with their recent and upcoming releases such as Killer Instinct for the Xbox One and Strider HD for everything but the Wii U. But let’s clear some confusion here. The developer will continue to operate out […]

Final Strider Update As Game Approaches Release. Release Date Confirmed

Strider will return to consoles and PC in North America on February 18th for $14.99 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 while the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions will be available a day later on the 19th. Meanwhile, Europe will get the game on February 19th on all platforms for €14.99/£11.99. Now for new details: Capcom […]

Strider’s Infamous Ouroboros Are Back With A Different Name: Option A (New Screenshots)

For hardcore fans of the old Strider games or….the entire fanbase of the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Strider is always seen using his robotic allies whether they are his robot panther and his legendary spinning robotic orbs that shoot projectiles, Ourobouros. But, in the upcoming Strider game, they have been renamed “Option A” and they […]

New Strider Info: Tong Pooh and Her Sisters Are Back

Just like with every Megaman game, the staple baddy who comes back is here in the new Strider game: Strider’s seemingly un-killable arch nemesis, Grandmaster Melo is in the new Strider but, he isn’t the only fan-favorite coming back. Tong Pooh and her sisters make their return in the new Strider HD game. The martial arts triplets were in […]

Monster Hunter 4: The Game That Saved Capcom

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet…..nah, just short. Angry fanboys are oblivious to the truth. Remember when Capcom was said to have 151 million in the bank? Remember when the news started a boom of YouTube videos and gaming forums covering the subject? You remember when every single one of said media all […]

Strider HD Hands-On Impressions: This Game is So Awesome!

I recently had the privilege of playing the newly announced Strider game at the New York Comic Con. Just to let you know, this is my first ever written impression of an unreleased game. So I’m under the impression that the way to do this, is to explain what I went through in the game […]