Team Fortress 2 Update Released

A brand new update for Team Fortress 2 has arrived! This update will automatically activate upon restart. This update will included: Fixed a dedicated server crash related to the new map sd_doomsday_event and server-wide curses Fixed Blue team hearing the win audio instead of the lose audio when Red gets the tickets to the Strongmann […]

Steam Machine to be Alienware’s “Least Profitable System”

Valve’s Steam Machine computer line is predicted to be Alienware’s least profitable system ever by general manager of the company, Frank Azor. The system is currently in beta, will use SteamOS, and is set to release this holiday season. However, a lot of manufacturers are not expecting it to sell well. Azor tells The Wall […]

Half Life 2 and Portal Coming to Android Nvidia Shield

Thanks to Android’s partnership with Valve, Half Life 2 and Portal are coming to the Google’s online store and will exclusively work on the Nvidia Shield. Although it is technically already possible to stream Portal and Half Life 2 from your home PC to the Nvidia Shield, these ports will be running natively on Nvidia […]

Portal being “Ported” To The Nvidia Shield

Now, the gaming pheonomon known as Portal will go the way of pratically every big hit game that went from PC to Consoles and now will hit Mobile. More specifically, the Nvidia Shield. Because Valve and Nvidia are now working on an Android version, coming “soon.” “Our companies have a strong history working together and […]

Valve Releases Steam Machine Prototype Specs!

After Valve announced their Steam Machines, they left us very thirsty for some of the really quenching details. Especially regarding the specs of the prototype Steam Machines they’ll be sending out when the beta launches. But today, Valve has finally given us the range of the specs. We expected there to be a multitude of […]

Valve Announces Steam Controller: Revolutionizing the Way We Play

Valve has finally released their last announcement in their Steam Universe campaign: the Steam Controller. The controller itself can be seen above. As we already know, the Steam library is full of Controller enabled games (and if one isn’t controller friendly, you can always use Xpadder), so Valve set out to create a controller that […]

Will There Be Actual Steam Box Exclusives?

So this week has yielded some pretty exciting announcements from Valve regarding their upcoming Steam Box. In my eyes, the SteamOS, controller, and Steam Machines all sound like some innovative and quality ideas. But one question still lingers around my head: will there actually be any Steam Box exclusives? As of right now the hype […]

Valve Announces Steam OS: Bringing Steam to the Big Screen

Valve has been hinting at a few surprises over the last couple of weeks, and they have just announced their newest Steam venture: an operating system. In their attempts to make Steam for accessible, they discovered it would just be best to create an operating system built around Steam and having gaming as its primary […]

Valve Steambox To Use Customizable Controller?

According to a Vale patent that has just been discovered, the Steambox may be using a customizable controller. The controller is described as a “video game controller having user swappable control components”. This means that you will be able to swap out different components and put them into the sockets of your liking, allowing for “dual analog […]

Valve Introduces the Steam Family Sharing Feature

When it comes to delivering on features, Valve has all the competition beat. They have recently unveiled the newest feature: Steam Family Sharing. As the name suggests, you can share your games with friends or family that you authorize. If you want to check out the details on Valve’s page, you can click this link; […]