Ultra Street Fighter 4 Decapre’s Alternate Costume Revealed.

Quick news for Ultra Street Fighter 4. Everyone’s favorite new character: Decapre has been showed by Capcom to have her alternate costume to be alongside the other characters in the game. Just like the other characters, these costumes are designed by Udon and you can see Decapre is wearing locks, chains and belts. I wonder […]

Batman: Arkham Origins BlackGate Seeing Console and PC Release. Continues To Make PS Vita Irrelevant.

You know that recent Batman game that nobody liked? Did you know it had a portable secondary game that nobody played? Did you hear that it was to be released to the XBLA? Now it’s being released to everything else. Today, it has been announced that the portable 2D Metroid-Vania style Batman game will be […]

Strider’s Infamous Ouroboros Are Back With A Different Name: Option A (New Screenshots)

For hardcore fans of the old Strider games or….the entire fanbase of the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Strider is always seen using his robotic allies whether they are his robot panther and his legendary spinning robotic orbs that shoot projectiles, Ourobouros. But, in the upcoming Strider game, they have been renamed “Option A” and they […]