Microsoft: Skype Should Be Free

          The Xbox One is loaded with a great number of fantastic features, but unfortunately for consumers, many of them are stuck behind a 50 meter tall wall. This wall is called Xbox Live Gold. But there is one feature in particular, that I believe, should definitely be made available to […]

Top 5 Reasons Why I WILL NEVER Purchase the Xbox One

A very common question that I get is: “Are you going to get an Xbox One?”. Let me answer that for you…NO. Its not that I’m not interested in the games, because the Xbox One does have games that I would like to play. There are 5 reasons why I’m not interested in getting an […]

Xbox One and Xbox360 Won’t Have Cross Platform Voice Chat & Here’s Why

So recently I read an article over on the about how Major Nelson is not sure whether or not the XboxOne and Xbox360 will be cross voice chat compatible. And to quote him, he says:  “I need to talk to the engineers, but for the reasons mentioned above it will be challenging.”. This quote was taken […]