Tekken and Soul Calibur Devs To Work On PC Fighting Game: Rise Of Incarnates.

Just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? From the makers of Tekken and Soul Calibur comes Rise of Incarnates; a F2P, PC arena fighting game. Each battle is a 2v2 tag team match in heavily damaged and inhabitable cities so damaged, that it would give metropolis at the end of Man of Steel a run for its money.

So far the characters are Dr. Gasper Watteau (grim reaper), Terrence Blake (Ares), Mireia Valentin (Lilith) and Jedrek Tyler (Mephistopheles). See an overview of their abilities and personalities here. Seeing as though it’s a PC exclusive for now, players can sign up to play the alpha build of the game through the same link above.



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