Tell Nintendo You Care About Online – Club Nintendo Survey

This is a very rare and crucial opportunity that Nintendo fans should step up and take advantage of. There is a new Club Nintendo survey up for 10 coins that focuses on how much gamers enjoy single player and online muliplayer experiences.

The key question in this survey is:

club nintendo survey


Lately there’s been a movement that gradually getting bigger; a movement for Nintendo fans to get more vocal with Nintendo to express their discontent. One of the major complaints gamers have toward Nintendo is their lack of focus for online, and more specifically, online multiplayer. New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Mario Party 3DS, and the new Super Mario 3D World are all games that should have had online, but they don’t.

I understand the point that local mutliplayer will always be the best way to play a game together and I completely agree. But what Nintendo has to understand is that many of their longtime fans are older now and don’t have the luxury of playing with local neighborhood friends anymore.

If you’re going to offer a major multiplayer component in your games Nintendo, then you should make that mutliplayer accessible to those who are seperated from families and friends. Include everyone so that they can enjoy the experiences you provide.

This is a rare chance Nintendo fans to voice what we think directly to Nintendo. Make sure you hit the link to fill out the survey yourself.

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