The E3 Experience Is Decaying From The Inside Out

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or better known as E3 among the gaming community, has been the hub for media sources and developers and companies of technology and gaming to showcase their latest and greatest as well as their upcoming featured content. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have been the focal point of the event for many years, with fans and enthusiasts and critics debating on which brand enticed the audience during any given year that was in question. Depending on what is announced by each company, such as a new console or an addition to a popular IP (intellectual property) that was exclusive to a company. New features and updates and remedies to problems with technology would also be announced during each respective companies conference. Recently, Sony has taken a step back from the limelight that is E3 and focused more on delivering an presentation reminiscent of Nintendo’s Direct that seems to be almost given quarterly.

E3 was only open to the public since 2017, making the opportunity a double edged sword in terms of what happened with a data breach of information that was leaked by ESA regarding personal information of many people who attended. Details of addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information that was linked back to successful YouTubers and social media influencers.

According to EvolvePr,  “There are two major factors that pushed us to do this new round of research: The first is the introduction of a major public presence to the show, which started a few years back but has grown significantly since then,” reads Evolve’s analysis by client support and research coordinator Matt Broitman. “The second factor is that a number of larger companies have been dropping out or otherwise reducing their presence at the show. These factors have fundamentally started to change the nature of E3, away from an all-encompassing industry-focused event, and toward a more public showcase or convention akin to PAX.”

From GamesIndustry, First, the report broke down total media attendees, with numbers for individual attending media members taken from ESA’s official E3 lists as follows:

  • 2016: 2492
  • 2017: 3000
  • 2018: 1831
  • 2019: 2024

These numbers may appear as still significant, yet no one knows what the outcome of Sony’s stage exit from E3 will bring to the possible further decay of media coverage and appearances of content creators and personalities. Not to mention the fear of risking your personal information being leaked to a third party is a frightening thought to ponder. Hopefully, the details and situation can remedy itself from the inside by the help of ESA before 2020, so that E3 can return to its former glory in the media limelight. What do you think about this news? Let us hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned to as we cover more about the possible decline of E3.

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