The Legend of Zelda DLC

The producer of The Legend of Zelda series, Eiji Aonuma, has conveyed an interest in having DLC for The Legend of Zelda, to enhance the experience for the gamers rather than creating a totally new game. Talking to Nintendo Life, Aonuma said, “We’re certainly looking at different ways to add on content that would enhance the experience for the user,  maybe more places to explore or just to enrich the experience beyond what is on the disc.” Aonuma also said that the DLC needs to be meaningful, something worth buying and that the team is thinking about exploring this idea.

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4 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda DLC

  1. Damn it, it’s starting. What I loved about the Wii was, that I always knew that I had bought the full game. But now the DLC Curse on Nintendo Platforms is startin.

  2. MartyMar XVII says:

    Sounds cool.

  3. I feel totally different towards DLC when it’s talked about like this, rather than the gouging that it usually feels like.

    • I agree with you Doc^, it seems odd for him to be saying that the DLC needs to have meaning so theres actually worth in buying. From my experience DLC is never as good as the game itself in the aspect of new maps, we’ll just have to see what happens with this! 🙂

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