The Lion King Opening Weekend Results

The Lion King proved to be dominant this weekend in the box office with an estimated 185 million during the course of its domestic debut. It grossed another 346 million internationally.

That makes the movie the record holder of second biggest opening debut of the year right behind Avengers:Endgame, another movie owned by the house of the mouse.(Disney)

The Lion King also dethroned 2017’s Beauty and the Beast for the biggest opening weekend for Disney remakes of their animated classics. We have listed the opening weekend grosses for all Disney live action reimaginings for comparison below:

1. The Lion King $185,000,000
2. Beauty and the Beast $174,750,616
3. Alice in Wonderland $116,101,023
4. The Jungle Book (2016) $103,261,464
5. Aladdin $86,100,000
6. Maleficent $69,431,298
7. Cinderella $67,877,361
8. Dumbo $45,990,748
9. 101 Dalmatians $33,504,025
10. Alice Through the Looking Glass $26,858,726
11. Christopher Robin $24,585,139
12. Pete’s Dragon $21,514,095
13. 102 Dalmatians $19,883,351
14. The Jungle Book (1994) $5,129,959


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