Thief on PS4 is at 1080p, Xbox One 900p, Proving That the PS4 is Superior

Yesterday, it was reported that the upcoming Thief reboot will run much better and the PS4 than the Xbox One and even better on the PC. For the sake of harmony between the customers to grow the hell up, Square Enix tries to dampen the flames of rampant (and inevitable) fanboyism by claiming that the difference is not glaring. “You really need good eyes to see the difference,” said director Nicolas Cantin, before adding that the Xbox One game “is as good as the PS4 version.” The big difference, Cantin claims, is found between the older generation of consoles and these newer machines. “We put more detail in, more special effects. But at the same time, we kept the same gameplay experience with the current-gen and the next-gen versions.”

My favorite part of that statement is they confirmed that it’s the exact same game either way you go. Let me make my position on the matter crystal clear: Gaming should be about the games and gameplay (and frame rates) not graphics. It doesn’t matter if Batman Arkham City is played on a Console or PC, Bruce Wayne is still Batman, Batman is still badass and Joker still dies at the end…spoiler alert BTdubz. My issue with the age old arms race is that the differences between various consoles versions and the PC version of games aren’t noticeable core gameplay wise but yet we still argue and fight like children over this issue when time and time again it’s proven that the gameplay is what people will remember as I don’t see how a better looking resolution in one version of a game release drastically changes the gameplay, the story, the characters, the controls from the lower resolution version of the same game and I don’t see why we need to cry about it or why I should care, I’m still going to buy the game, the developers are still going to get their money either way. I don’t care about the graphics on a multiplatform game and believe it or not, neither do a lot of people. That’s not to say that I don’t care about gorgeous graphics in general.

And when I say this, people like to try to disprove my argument by throwing my interests at me such as comic books for example; comic books have art and story would I read a comic book with terrible art and a great story? Well, I wouldn’t read a comic book with bad art and a great story.  Then I would present them with an apple and an orange and leave them to figure out the rest as comparing the two will go nowhere.

As what Ryse: Son of Rome, Final Fantasy XIII, The Conduit, Hitman Absolution and arguably Crysis are the prime examples I use to prove my point as the people who argue over such nonsense is completely missing the point in gaming as a whole. If resolution is all you want, then just get a PC and be done with it.


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7 thoughts on “Thief on PS4 is at 1080p, Xbox One 900p, Proving That the PS4 is Superior

  1. While I can barely tell the difference, I still don’t expect the Xbox One to stop being trashed, and not because it sucks, because it doesn’t. Whether you can tell the difference or not, you’re paying a hundred dollars more for something that is NOT the superior version, and the kinect is no excuse, because nobody WANTED the Kinect.

  2. This article is rather telling now. People bout to eat some crow over this. Now apparently it dont matter, the game is terrible right? Even though its getting postive feedback from many… Damn fanboys is confusing sometimes. I just don’t know wat ta say…

    • Corey Moore says:

      Yeah, I’m gonna stop now because you may not know it so I’ll break the news to you softly. You can’t read, at least not English so it’s amazing that you can even operate a computer much less type like an idiot. You are exhibiting the stage of fanboyism getting on my case left and right about the PS4 and the Xbox One’s graphics and never once about the game until I said it sucks which it does. You aren’t well aware about how opinions work do you just because you wasted time looking for positive reviews to negate my reviews doesn’t make me wrong, it’s my opinion now having said that, I’m never wrong. Even though on my entire article I wrote about how I feel graphics don’t matter and the game is the same no matter what. I’m just reporting the news, you clown. You don’t know what to say? You don’t know how to spell either.

      Buyer’s remorse is a funny thing when people get all defensive about the thing they wasted their money on isn’t paying them back in tenfold what’s wrong? You spent $500 on piece of junk paperweight that can’t play goods games? Now, looking back at my articles, I never stated how I thought the PS4 was superior in every way besides that one article where I was just reporting the news that was available on the subject. So I’m not exposed, because I’m not wrong. You are just exposing yourself as an Xbox fanboy through and through by crying and projecting your anger over something that I never said personally.

  3. Xbox had the stronger version, exposed, even though im not into xbox, these kinda articles is why we need to focus on just playin games, instead of playing the console blame game. Dont be actin like this ain’t a game worthwhile, coz we know its gotten good reviews too. Exposed.

    • Corey Moore says:

      It’s not a good game. I don’t have to explain myself, I already stated why the game suck so I’m not doing it again. you aren’t into xbox? So then why were you raging against my articles about the notion of me saying that the PS4 was superior which I never said. Maybe because you are into xbox and you are a fanboy and now your are trying to save face by acting all cool about it. You can deny it if you what but I got a whole backlog of your comments about the Xbox One being better. How’s that for exposed?

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