There’s Something About Umbrella Corps-Return to Raccoon City That I…

Ok! I get it, we all love the zombie horror genre and what better way to honor it then to make yet another video game. Not just any game though, lets make one so special in fact, that no one else could possibly come again and Re-reinvent the proverbial circle. Well the good news is, Resident Evil has done it again! Yet I must say that this particular installment seems a bit different then the others. I will share with you my hopes, dreams, and concerns following the release of the trailer in hopes to give you an insight on what the first person shooter experience has evolved into and where it should go in the future.

The graphics shown in the trailer seem very smooth but offer a dark and gritty feel throughout the environment. As a first person shooter, the chosen environments to do battle have a clustered, claustrophobic feel. Though the maps are wide open, there is no mistaking the invisible lines of movement which should be taken on different points of the maps. This game was not intended for those to sit back and hide, camp-or-treat, or any other acts of cowardly game play. The brief showing of character customization was also amazing to see. Enhancing your characters damage output and efficiency is almost as addicting as upgrading your vehicle on Gran Turismo 6.

All in all, I take back my initial negative feelings for the game prior to this trailer, as I did not give it a fair shake. I would like to see this game delve deeper into close quarters combat and really show off what they can create. Besides franchises like Battlefield and most recently DOOM, every first person shooter in the last 10 years has failed to evolve and give a sense of satisfaction with a hand to weapon combat kill. I am also hoping this game makes it to the show floor of E3 in June, so we can get a true in-game look at what this title has to offer. In all honesty Umbrella Corps-Return to Raccoon City looks to be shaping up as a very interesting, yet fun and exciting title to add to the others. I can’t wait to test my theory, can you?

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