Titanfall: No Single-Player May Lead To Poor Sales

Microsoft’s  highly anticipated first person online shooter may not sell as well as they think it will; due to no single-player. Titanfall is  a new type of  first person shooter; that allows you to play as a  pilot  and a titan . The game looks very promising and is suppose to change the way we play first person shooters. The game is developed  by  Respawn Entertainment, the founders are Jason West and Vince Zampella. These two awesome men are  responsible  for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series.  With there call of duty background, the online is going to be amazing!  When you are introducing a new IP you want to give gamers a inside on the characters and the universe. This game looks amazing on the Xbox one no doubt about it.  I personally, don’t think its going to sell as much; because of  no single-player. The game already has a headset that is being made specially for it by turtle beach. Titanfall will be released on March 11,2014 for Xbox One 360 and PC.

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