Ultra Street Fighter 4 Releasing in The Summer of 2014

Argh! It’s about fricking time. The news broke when Capcom’s Peter “Combofiend” Rosas, The Company has decided on a definite release window for the “final” update to Street Fighter 4. Capcom plans to release the game as a digital update to Super Street Fighter 4 and versions beyond for $14.99. For XBLA and PSN. As well as a retail version for those who don’t have Super Street Fighter 4, Those who have the current version but no internet to update or those snobs who brag about always wanting to own the physical copy priced at $39.99 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation3

This means that the scene will only have a month to get familiar with the game before EVO 2014. This kinda sucks. A month is not enough time especially if you have a job. PC owners will also get the game but a month after EVO 2014 in August and to compensate the wait, Capcom has promised to lower the price for PC users $10 making it $29.99. The reason being for the delay was so that the game could be released in time to headline EVO 2014.

This is kinda bad news because I was hoping the game would come out in February. Oh well. I’m still super excited to play this game.

So it’s official: Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be released the summer of 2014. June for Consoles. August for PC.



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