Ultra Street Fighter 4 Will Let You Upload Your Matches To YouTube

I know what most of you are thinking: “Can’t I already do that on my 360/PS3?” Only if you had a streaming or recording device hooked up to your console. The majority of gamers don’t have those so this feature will be welcomed for those who want to show off how good they are.

At the Taipei Game Show presentation, Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano announced — for the first time anywhere — that Ultra Street Fighter IV will support replay uploads from the Replay Channel to YouTube.

“Although uploading your gameplay videos to YouTube is already a  standard feature on the PS4 for all games (actually Ayano is mistaken — YouTube support is not yet available on the PS4; but then again the console has yet to launch in Japan), since Ultra Street Fighter IV is intended for current gen platforms, we felt that this feature was important to include,” Ayano said in Japanese at the stage presentation.

You will be able to select any match from your battle log of online matches, and upload it in low or high quality to your YouTube channel. But in this day and age everyone will pick high quality.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be released via disc update using any version of Super Street Fighter 4 for $15 and retail for $30.

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